Patients Testimonials

Going for bariatric procedure was the most critical and successful decision I took touchwood! When you evolve you should learn to adapt too! We express our gratitude to Dr Ismail and team who made us through this in the most convenient way. We wish them great success ahead in correcting the obesity challenges.

Mr. and Mrs. Mujaab

Increased weight is such a task that I have to carry all this extra weight around on my feet. I had no idea how to not be overweight. I wanted to lose weight but I have no time to workout or do gym. Looking fit and healthy had been a dream to me. I have been trying to do it since a very long time. It was after I came across Bariatric bypass surgery. The only way I would lose weight was. This was a life changing experience, I know the surgery was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you DR.MOHAMMED ISMAIL ( Chief consultant& surgeon ), DR. DILEEP and staff’s for your amazing support and passion for your patients, I feel lucky that I chose to come to you and took your suggestions, Bariatric bypass surgery is the best thing I ever did. I realized that a proper plan is needed to diet and stay healthy and deal with cravings. Dietician Dr. NEETHU (Dietician) for being strict in diet and the way you taught me to discipline myself that helped me to gain  the perfect weight that I want. Dieticians like you are like a bliss who understand what a person really needs. I had no idea that just losing my weight would make me look so good. I am so obliged to your team. I am grateful to the care I received at MOULANA HOSPITAL I truly feel like I got another chance at life! My prayers are always with you !

With regards-

Saleem Venus

Place: Gudalur, The Nilgiris

‘It was in an ill state that my parents took me to the Bariatric Surgery Department of Moulana Hospital in August 2010. I was under great stress, but encouraged by the friendly atmosphere there. I became free on August 15th, from obesity through surgery. now I am very happy. My special congartulations are due to Dr.Ismail and his team who gave me new life.’


Year Of Surgery: February - 2013

Type Of Surgery: MGB

The surgical expertise and service I got on undergoing surgery to reduce weight at Moulana Hospital gladden me. I recommend this surgery to those who need it, because I do not have any problem after the surgery. I am very happy that I was very well looked after and treated.

Aftab Ahmed (40)

Year Of Surgery: February - 2009

Type Of Surgery: RYGB

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Mrs. Wefag Ahmed Mohammed Hamad

We are the first couple in this history of Moulana hospital, that the husband & wife, make this surgery on the same day. We are very proud to say the hospitality & sisters & doctors behaviour, care & loyalty are wonderful. Start to finish the experience of feel cannot explained with words. We are much happier in our life, wonderful come back from olden difficulties. No words to express my feelings in this stage. A big salute to Dr. Ismail & his team.

Abdul Aseez

Year Of Surgery: July - 2014

Type Of Surgery: MGB

I was a man who saw death in the face due to obesity and associated diseases. And then I happened to meet a friend’s brother who had undergone bariatric surgery. The changes in him as a result really astonished me. I was against beauty enhancing artificial means. On studying about this surgery through the internet, I could learn one thing: that bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic one. Instead it is a life-saving one. Thus I too underwent this surgery at Moulana Hospital. I don’t have any difficulty after the surgery. And I am very happy too.

Anu John

Year Of Surgery: May - 2007

Type Of Surgery: RYGB

I came to hear about this surgery through a relative who has already done bariatric surgery in your hospital. The hospital staffs were really friendly and cooperative. The hospitality was also really good. Right now I am feeling really good with myself. I am glad that I chose to do the surgery. It has changed my lifestyle and increased the confidence level in me.


Year Of Surgery: July - 2013

Type Of Surgery: MGB


Firstly I want to thank dr. Ismail and his wonderful team at Moulana hospital for changing my life drastically. I got to know about the hospital from an advertisement in the Vanitha magazine. I also saw an interview of dr. Ismail on television. his approach and simple demeanor prompted me to visit the hospital. When I first visited the hospital I was very impressed by the way the staff and the team welcomed and accomadated me and my family. When I met Dr. Ismail, he was very thorough explaining on the procedure and also what I can expert post surgery. He and his team clearly explained to me the details of surgery and also educated me about what changes I can expect after my delivery Life changed 360 degrees after the Sleev gastrectomy procedure that I had in my 2012… When I underwent the surgery I was type 2 diabetic, suffered from PCOS and could not even walk long distances due to my weight of 114kg. In 1 year I post 28KGs and stood at 86KGS… I married I 2014 and have a son who is 1.5 yrs old now. I’m also presently expecting my 2nd child. All this has been possible because of my decision to undergo this surgery. Thank you once again Dr. Ismail and team @ Moulana hospital for changing my life and helping me and guiding me during the entire process.

Deepa (31)

Year Of Surgery: August - 2012

Type Of Surgery: SG

Like every obese person, I was also fighting obesity through various types of exercises diets but did not give much results. Then, I came to know about bariatric surgery through one of my friend who underwent the same under Dr.Ismail. After meeting him and his team, I got the confidence to go ahead with the surgery. the team provided good quality and efficient service. We did not have any difficulty in our three days of stay at the hospital. My life has completely changed ever since the surgery. Today, I have a healthy life. I could feel my confidence level, energy and stamina has improved quite a lot. So, I believe this is the best decision I have taken in my life. Thanks to Dr. Ismail and my friend who encouraged us to meet the doctor and his team.

Priya (26)

Year Of Surgery: August - 2015

Type Of Surgery: SG